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Earth Day and Emerging Diseases

14 Jan, 2021

Earth Day and Emerging Diseases

Earth day is celebrated as an yearly event across the globe on 22nd April every year. This day signifies to the support extended by humans for protection of the environment. Presently our mother earth is suffering with a lot of environmental challenges. Apart from this we on earth are facing a worldwide health issue that is the coronavirus pandemic which is also related to the health of our environment.
Humans have caused a lot of disturbance in the environment of the earth by deforestation, increased land use change, increased agriculture, increased livestock production, illegal wildlife trade and disrupting biodiversity. these changes has increased the interface between humans and animals their by increasing the risk of transmission of zoonotic diseases [ diseases in animals] to humans, one of the recent being covid 19.
As per un environment sources one new infection emerges in humans every 4 months and 75% of these new disease/infections come from animals. this shows that humans, animals and environment are closely related. It is a known fact that health ecosystem helps us to protect ourselves from infectious diseases. Biodiversity makes it difficult for bacteria’s and viruses to spread rapidly. Health and biodiversity are related with each other as it impacts the nutrition, health research, new infections, distribution of plants, settlement of humans and animals. all this is in turn also related to climate change.